Phone Guardian Review

The growth of mobile trackers has peaked in the past few years, mainly due to the ever-growing technology that has seen the production of numerous and highly reliable trackers. Here is more about the Phone Guardian tracker.

The functionality of the Phone Guardian application

The Phone Guardian program is a utility with which you can find your smartphone if it is lost or stolen. This special program for smartphones is based on Series 60 v3, which is designed to ensure the safety of the device and the information that is stored on it. It is the analog to Myphoneguardian Boost Mobile.

Like most programs for smartphones, the utility is installed by unpacking the SIS file. In this case, everything that is needed is unpacked into the appropriate folder, and an item for uninstallation will appear in the application manager.

Thanks to this software, you also will be able to track the use of your Internet by background processes, this will help you protect your device from the unauthorized transfer of your personal data. The app has a chic design and simple controls. Also, there is an additional function that is activated only with your consent – tracking the time spent on certain sites.

The program includes the following functionalities:

  • blocking/unlocking a smartphone via a special SMS message;
  • activating an audible alarm when receiving a blocking SMS or unauthorized replacement of a SIM card;
  • automatically sending an SMS message about the number of a “foreign” SIM card and location data in case of unauthorized change of SIM-card;
  • protection of software uninstallation with a password.

In case the phone is stolen or forgotten in a public place, the owner using Phone Guardian can remotely block access to it by sending an SMS. In this case, the phone cannot be used until another SMS with a password is sent to it. Phone Guardian is also capable of sending a message that can help locate the thief and the location of the device. The program can remotely turn on and off the siren, the ability to request an informational SMS about the location of the phone. In addition, for security purposes, you can uninstall the program only using a password.

Main features of Phone Guardian program

To use the tracker program, you must first register with the mobile monitoring service. The application is installed on the employee’s phone. After that, all data on the location and routes are transferred to the manager’s computer screen in the form of maps and reports. At the same time, there is no need to install expensive GPS equipment or hire specialists.

The application works not only with GPS technology but also with cellular stations and Wi-Fi points. Thus, the program allows you to constantly monitor employees even in places where GPS satellites are not available, for example, in a subway or a tunnel.

The interface of the main menu of the program is quite simple and is presented to the user by a list of the main settings of the program. This interface design is inherent in most simple utilities, the developers of which do not chase after the individualization of the appearance of the program but try to simplify as much as possible for the user access to all the functionalities of the software.

The disadvantages include a limited 5-day option for using the program, after which it is necessary to purchase the utility, but it costs a lot – $ 12.99.