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What Is Data Mapping and What Software could handle it?

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Data Mapping is what allows you to integrate data from multiple sources. In this post, we will take a closer look at what data mapping is, why its development is important for business, and also consider the techniques and tools that are used to map data.

The concept of Data Mapping

As companies expand, many have to move their data from outdated systems to new software. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. To ensure that the data is secure and complete, companies must perform a data mapping. Organizations use data mapping tools to describe the route that data must take to get from its source to its ultimate destination.

Data mapping is the process necessary to match data fields between solutions before migration. To integrate technologies, all information has to be correct and standardized. Otherwise, companies are left with a large collection of mixed information that makes it impossible to determine the correct data set. Data mapping is most easily used in software development to describe the best way to access or display information. It works as an abstract model to determine relationships within a specific area of interest. This is the basic first step in setting up data integration for a given domain.

The Data Mapper is a model that acts as an intermediary for bidirectional data transfer between persistent data storage (often a relational database) and data representation in memory. The purpose of the model is to keep the in-memory representation of the data and the persistent storage of the data independent from each other and from the data transformer itself.

Data Mapping in Virtual Data Room

Companies continuously collect data from multiple sources to create a large database. This usually results in data sets of various formats that make it impossible to aggregate information for analysis in reports. Without processed data, companies are unable to generate actionable insights.

For this reason, companies need a Data Mapping tool to consolidate information from multiple systems and put it together in a single interface. Integration becomes necessary as companies grow and use more technology. Companies that do not connect systems can experience fragmented, incorrect, and duplicate data sets. In some cases, Virtual Data Room can serve as a Data Mapping tool. This database structure is not tied to any business model and allows you to implement almost any business logic on this basis.

When is Virtual Data Mapping necessary?

Data Room Electronique can be used for Data Mapping for the following purposes:

  • Data transformation refers to the translation of data from one format to another to bring it into a new structure. This mapping process is essential to move data sets between warehouses or applications with different structural requirements. 
  • Data integration is the process of collecting and aggregating large amounts of data into a single warehouse for easy navigation. A data mapping tool or data mapper connects the distinct applications and governs the way the data from the source application will look when it is mapped to the destination application.
  • Data migration is the process of transferring information from one place to another. This operation demands data mapping, otherwise, it can lose data fields on the way. The first mapping of the trip also gives companies the ability to automate the migration instead of manually moving important data.
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