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ExtraTorrents were Shut Down: 5 Alternatives

ExtraTorrent has long been one of the most popular torrent resources. This continued until 2017, until the torrent was closed, and even without good reason. And although many analogs have appeared, some of them even have a similar name and a name, not every such resource is credible. However, we can provide good replacements of ExtraTorrent, for downloading the necessary files without restrictions. We remind you that when visiting any torrent, always turn on the VPN.

The PirateBay.org

One of the havens for real Internet pirates who are looking for the same freedom of action as ExtraTorrent. The PirateBay.org is one of the world leaders among torrent trackers. It is a non-profit organization that provides access to an incalculable amount of all kinds of films, music, games, software files.

The PirateBay.org headquarters is based in Seychelles. Initially, this nonprofit product was created by Swedish rights activists. And so after so many years, it is one of the proven, reliable sites that do not violate the law. The site is not responsible for copyright infringement.


This is a torrent exchanger, created in 2008, to provide peer-to-peer file sharing using the BitTorrent torrent tracker. This resource is considered prohibited, especially in countries such as:

  • Great Britain
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Australia

But this does not mean that you cannot visit this resource. Like ExtraTorrents, RARBG.to requires the inclusion of VPN, for the smooth download of the files you need.

The visitor will find here a lot of options for downloading, reviews and news, interesting information about the movie.


YTS.am did not immediately become a large file hosting service. Initially, the team published high-quality releases on other torrent sites. But with the acquisition of popularity, the creators decided to develop their torrent site. So YTS.am appeared, which had several domain names. It is currently active under the domain YTS.am.

The site has a difficult history. He was repeatedly sued for piracy, especially by the New Zealand authorities.

A notable feature of this site is that it uses x264 encryption. This means that here users have access to higher quality files, which is not typical for every torrent site. This is one of the best analogs of ExtraTorrents of all known.


Zooqle.me is one of the alternatives to ExtraTorrents, which is noteworthy in that it has numbers for a faster search for the necessary torrent files. It has a huge base of 37,000 films and 600 series and various TV shows.

Zooqle.me has a simple and convenient interface, functional design, user-friendly panel. The platform has many regular users and over time this number will grow.


If you are looking for a torrent site where everything is well organized and packaged in categories, you might like this site. It also has a lot in common with ExtraTorrents. There is a compact file library where everything is clear and quickly located. You have every chance to find the right material here.

However, keep in mind the fact that in many countries it is blocked due to the growing popularity and loud fame. Therefore, be careful and use a VPN.

As you can see, ExtraTorrents has many great counterparts. We draw your attention to the fact that you should be careful when visiting torrent sites and use VPN.

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