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Project Free TV: Watch Series and Full Movies Online

Project Free TV is a well-known web resource for streaming TV, which is very popular. This is one of the oldest video streaming platforms for television.

And although this is a very convenient service, copyright owners often petition the courts to close this resource. And so, since 2013 Project Free TV has been officially banned in the UK. And in July 2017, the site suddenly disappeared from the Internet.

It is not clear whether there is an official alternative for either Project FreeTV at present. But there are other equally worthy analogs.


Bmovies is a storehouse of films, cartoons, documentaries, TV shows, available in high quality. The user can download any video that he likes, moreover, for free.

Moreover, you do not need to register on the site, enter any personal data. Just go to the site and get access to everything you need.


Another worthy replacement for Project Free TV. It also features a rich library of films and other videos. Here the user can watch videos online through the CMOVIESHD extension.

The site regularly adds new, recently released films. The site was created with a friendly interface, friendly and stylish. Movies are also available for download.


CouchTuner is the perfect choice for TV buffs. As well as Project Free TV, it provides films of high quality, good resolution. In terms of entertainment, this is one of the best sites. It even provides the original CouchTuner and provides complete information on Couchtuner Alternatives.

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is a platform for watching Hollywood movies. Also, unlike Project Free TV, it provides unedited clips. For convenient navigation, the site is divided into subheadings: horror, mysticism, fantasy, comedy, etc. You just need to click on the “Play” button. All videos are available for viewing.


FMovies is one of the similar Project Free TV sites. Users can watch movies online for free here, as well as download opportunities. The quality of the available videos is high. This is one of the best websites where users can watch online movies at no charge.


Movie4u has a wide library of high-quality videos. All this is available for viewing in HD quality. A platform for a TV show is also available here, with which you can use a constant fast stream.


Another great replacement for Project Free TV, which provides high-quality video for free. The site offers films, cartoons and TV shows of all genres in high-quality HD. The library has over 12,000 films. And most importantly, it does not bother with pop-ups and a large abundance of advertising.


The platform provides movies online for free in HD 1080p format. There is a video for any genre: anime, melodrama, dramas, thrillers, free television shows.

As you can see, there are a lot of alternatives to Project Free TV. We showed only a small part of sites that are ready to provide a free service for TV streaming and viewing the high-quality video.

We hope this article will help choose a useful alternative. You don’t even need to register on the site to access the video.

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