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How Fake Security Cameras Can Help

There are many reasons for using security surveillance: protecting private property from intruders, maintaining discipline among office employees, ensuring the safety of children. However, in some cases, it is not possible to install an expensive surveillance system. Then it is worth using a fake one.

The assortment of dummies of fake security cameras available in stores is wide, and it is easy to choose a good quality model among them. The presence of such a device makes a person think and often prevents the commission of a bad act.

What Are Fake Security Cameras?

What are fakes of security cameras? These are devices that are identical to the original cameras, but at the same time do not possess all their properties. With their help, there is no way to shoot, but the main purpose is the psychological effect.

Some enterprise sites do not need a professional surveillance system. In this case, the use of dummies would be an excellent solution. Such devices are not expensive, while outwardly they are indistinguishable from real equipment. They can be plastic or metal.

Features of the Design of Fake Cameras

The fake camera is equipped with an optical block and an original body. Many models of such cameras are equipped with an IR blinking LED that operates in a pulsed mode and is controlled by a simple microcircuit. This is powered by a finger or disk battery.

A fake outdoor CCTV camera has a shockproof box. It is important that it has branded inscriptions or logos. A wall cable is provided at the base of the housing.

Some simulators are equipped with a swing system. Such a dummy creates confidence that the camera is real. It has a built-in timer and a tiny motor. At equal intervals of time, the video camera makes a U-turn, creating an imitation of the view of a certain area.

Security imitation has many uses. Fake video cameras are installed in shops, entrances, in car parks, on the road, in the territory of country houses, etc. Such devices are an effective measure for the prevention of offenses, hooliganism, and vandalism. They are suitable for outdoor observation of parking lots and other places.

This is a Powerful Psychological Weapon

It would seem, what are pseudo cameras for? What are the practical benefits of them? However, don’t jump to conclusions!

Dummy video cameras are a powerful psychological weapon, often even more effective than real video recording devices. Thefts committed in shops, burglary of a summer residence, or a private house, penetration of strangers into an office or apartment are not surprising.

An original, inexpensive, and at the same time very effective solution will be the operation of fake video surveillance devices.

This approach solves several problems at the same time. First, it provides a high level of personal security, guarantees the safety of the property. Also, it motivates the discipline of employees, and at the same time allows significant savings.

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