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How Do I Get the New HP Charger for My Laptop?

HP adapter is used to charge the device. Laptops depend on them because they can’t operate for long on a single charge. However, if you lose the charger or this component stopped working, your only solution is to get a new one. Unless you want to get the new laptop altogether.

There are several ways out in this situation. Let’s take a look at the two most common options. But first, we must determine if the charger is working.

Test the HP charger

One of the ways to see is the charger is working is to connect it to the device and check the system tray. When the charger is on and properly operating, there’ll be a corresponding icon. In case, however, you see the sign of the battery, the charger is defective.

An alternative way is to take out the battery (if possible), connect the charger, and turn on the device. If the power button turns the laptop on, the charger works. In case the PC doesn’t start, it’s a sign to get a new charger.

Once you determine you have to buy a new charger, it’s time to get a proper one. Keep in mind that there are several ways of discovering a compatible charger.

Define which charger to buy

Before the purchase, it’s essential to find out which AC adapter you need. Find the Product Number in the Help & Support section on your device. You’ll see both product’s name and number as well as a serial number. Use this information to get a compatible model.

In case your laptop is off because the battery is dead, you can try an alternative solution.

Check out the official website to discover the compatible model. HP has its own Parts Store. Here you can enter the model of your laptop or any other device. Choose a product number or sort through models. The search will show you full information about the parts used. Using these codes, you’ll be able to find the right components. A charger in this situation. The best thing about this site is that you can order the needed part directly from the manufacturer.

Are all HP chargers different?

If you are in need of the new laptop charger, it’s better to start your search with the manufacturer. Why? Because HP doesn’t have compatible chargers. Users need to look up which models will be suitable for their devices. Otherwise, they risk buying a charger they won’t be able to use.

An alternative solution

In case you don’t want to get an HP laptop charger, you might opt for the universal charger. It’s likely to suit most laptops. The modern market offers plenty of options for any budget and device. The universal models usually have several tips.


If you find yourself in a situation when you need a new charger for your HP laptop, there is no need to be desperate. There are several simple ways to get the right charger in a few clicks. Check out the manufacturer’s website to order the needed part and get assistance if needed. Or you may opt for other solutions mentioned above. Choose the most convenient method.

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