Stardew Valley Skull Key Location

Stardew Valley Skull Key Location

In this guide, we will talk about the high-level content in the game. First, we will talk about the Stardew Valley skull key. After this, the content related to the scull caves will be discussed.

Skull Key Information

The Skull Key is an item that can be found at level 120 of the mine in a chest. Once you receive it, you can open the passage to the Skull Cave and play the Junimo Kart slot machine in the Saloon. And it can be found in the wallet, in the character menu, in the skill table.

Skull Caves

There is a special loot in the game – the essence of the void. They fall from enemies and are suitable for selling, donating, and also for crafting items. However, it can be quite difficult to get, so let’s talk about this process in more detail.


When you take the 80th level, you can go to the mines, where you can get this resource. To do this, look for Shadows, as well as a Shadow Shaman. These are not the easiest enemies to consider. And skull Caverns are a great alternative to mines. Moreover, you don’t even need to level up to farm in this place. Your target is evil Snakes, which can be found at any level. However, these enemies are also quite strong, and they also like to attack you in groups.


To farm in the sewers, you will need to get Rust’s key. This can be done by donating sixty items to the Museum. With the key, you can go down the drain, where you will find a shadow monster that will be friendly to you.

For 100 coins, he is ready to sell you 10 essences once a day. And you won’t have to take risks in battle with opponents.


After the caves, you can get the opportunity to catch the rarest fished in the game. The first one is the Icefish. You will have to wait until winter to be able to catch this fish. This can be done with or without snow. To catch it, go to the sewer entrance, which is located outside the city. After reaching the island, follow to another island on the left side. We need to get to its southern edge, where we can start fishing. The required fishing level for this is 8.


This is the fifth and final legendary fish in the game. You will have to wait for spring and rainy weather to catch it. Head to the lake near the mines and go to the island in the middle. From there, follow south until you find yourself on a log under water, or not far from it. The level of fishing you need is 10. This fish can be caught several times.


This small guide discussed Skull Key, where to get it, as well as what to do in Skull Caves and after you finish your business there.

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